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Oct 09:

Now the evenings are drawing in, we are charging up our lights ready for night-rides, ending up at the pub for a cheeky pint.

Sept 09:

See it, ride it, love it, buy it! Well, one of our guests had such a great time out on one of our own top of the range full suspension bikes (a fantastic Orange) that he's buying one. We have sent him along to our lovely mates at Bike Bristol.

June 09:

We have linked up with Bike Bristol to add another 6 fantastic bikes to our own small hire fleet. See BIKE HIRE

May 09:

The weather has been fantastic and the trails are great. We are looking forward to a fantastic month here on the Mendips. We've had several really good groups riding with us, from complete novices to really skilled riders, and are looking forward to a small group of women this weekend who are having an active weekend away.

April 09:

The highlight so far this month was a great day out with a stag party who were really up for some serious trail work. It was a mixed group, some very experienced MTB'ers, some less experienced but all fairly fit athletes. The guys did really well, with many of them stretching themselves and achieving great things, with a bit of coaching. Even the more experienced riders learnt a lot from the Mendip Hills and really developed their technical skills, and everyone gained confidence and style over the course of the day. It was a really satisfying day for us.

March 09:

The weather has been changeable but we've had a few great days out. Now spring is approaching, we are fitting in regular evening rides to build our fitness (ok, maybe it's a bit of an excuse to have a cheeky pint at our favourite pub as well!)

Feb 09:

We had some really incredible weather during February, to the extent that we were snowed into our village, Blagdon. See pics in our gallery. While some people got their skiis out, we got our bikes out and did we have some fun? You bet. It was amazing.

Dec 08:

Dave's wife Lucy has taken on Ady's Turner Burner for a bit of fun next year (yes, she has very long legs, and she's a great biker so eat your hearts out). Her previous bike, a long travel Marin wasn't quite right for her so she's looking forward to something that's quick & manoeverable through the singletrack. In turn, Ady has bought himself an Orange ST4 which is a bit bigger than the Turner and hopefully equally as much fun. So, everyone's happy.


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